Test Tube Burgers

Topics: Meat, Vegetarianism, Ethics of eating meat Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: April 3, 2013
“Test-Tube Burgers”

One summer when taking a trip to a friends country house for a weekend I took on the challenge of being a vegetarian. My friend, an only child, had been raised a vegetarian by parents who were also vegetarians; never once in his life had he eaten meat. Although the family was tolerant of whatever I did, I decided this was an opportunity to try it for myself and see what it would be. At the end of the few days I found it quite easy, although in reality I did not consume nearly the protein I needed. It was a task I could complete but would not be able to do for longer periods of time. But what if a vegetarian could eat a burger? People are vegetarians for various reasons such as animal rights, health purposes and others. What if eating meat was healthier didn’t hurt animals and helped the planet, would a vegetarian take a bite of a burger? One man made this possible. Thinking way ahead of his time, Willem van Eelen came up with a way for this to be possible. Before the technology and science was even close to what it needed to be, Eelen introduced the idea of lab-produced meats. Michael Specter in his article “Test-Tube Burgers” (2011), in The New Yorker Magazine, uses facts and story to inform about the new idea and give detail about the controversial topic.

In “Test-Tube Burgers” Specter starts by explaining how and why lab produced meats came into play. He uses facts and evidence to explain why vat produced meat is better for people, the environment, economy and obviously the animals. He validates his information and credibility using pathos and ethos by bringing in stories and information from scientists all different time periods, backgrounds and parts of the world working on this similar goal. With a well laid out argument and more than credible sources of information Specter leads a well-supported case. Creating meat using stem cells in a similar process to re-constructing organs can be a solution to many of our current issues....
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