test On a hot summer day

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English test 9/2/2011 ee

Reading comprehension
Read the text and the questions.
Circle the answer or the answers* (*only if it says « 2 answers ») that best complete the sentence.

1. The main idea of this text is
(a) being hot is a bad thing.
(b) being cold is a good thing.
(c) it’s fun to play in the water.
(d) there are things to do when it’s hot.

2. The writer of this text probably
(a) knows nothing about hot days.
(b) hates hot days.
(c) knows a lot about hot days.
(d) all of the above.
3. If it has been hot during the past three days, and the sun is shining today (a) it will probably be cold today.
(b) it will probably be hot today.
(c) it will probably be snow today.
(d) none of the above.

4. When it’s hot we should
(a) just sit and do nothing.
(b) run around.
(c) think that it isn’t hot.
(d) do things that will not make us feel hotter.

5. On a hot day, it can be hard to know what to do to feel good because (a) hot days are dark.
(b) hot days hurt.
(c) hot days can make us feel sick.
(d) hot days are boring.

6. If we run around on a hot day the heat can make us feel dizzy because (a) our heads prefer cold.
(b) our bodies can’t get rid of the extra heat.
(c) cold is more natural.
(d) heat in our body is confusing.

7. If we’ve been running around on a hot day and feel dizzy, we should (2 answers !) (a) sit down and cool off.
(b) sit in the sun near the pool.
(c) hang upside down.
(d) sit in the shade.

8. According to the text, just sitting around when it’s hot can make us (2 answers !) (a) feel dizzy.
(b) feel restless.
(c) feel sick.
(d) feel bored.

9. The thing that wouldn’t feel good on a very hot day is
(a) playing in the water.
(b) eating hot food.
(c) wearing light-weight clothing.
(d) looking at books or magazines.

points: ____ / 22 mark: __­___ name: _________________

10. The person who is the coolest is the one who is
(a) running...
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