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Topics: Sibling, DNA, DNA profiling Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 4, 2013
TestDiagnostics is proud to welcome the Brother/Sister DNA test to our line of testing kits. This test is ideal for finding out family relationships between brother and sisters. The Brother/Sister DNA test covers a spectrum of 16 genetic markers to conclude the probability whether or not two siblings have the same parents. If you are ever in doubt about whether your children are related or by how much, TestDiagnostics’ Brother/Sister sibling test can provide you the answers.

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TestDiagnostics, known for producing great testing kits, helps males and females both determine their relationships to their children. They invented the Brother/Sister DNA test to allow you to decide whether a brother and sister are related by both parents or by one parent. TestDiagnostics’ Brother/Sister DNA test is 90% conclusive for positive results received and 15% conclusive for negative results.

The Brother/Sister DNA test by TestDiagnostics is conducted to determine the relationship between the children, and if they are connected to each other via both of the parents or one parent. This TestDiagnostics test is simple to take. You just use a cotton swab for each child and test on each side of the cheek. The Brother/Sister DNA test is highly accurate and simple to use.

TestDiagnostics offers two types of testing: the ‘peace of mind’ test and the ‘court ordered’ test. The peace of mind test is convenient and provides the same quality of results as the court ordered test. The only difference is, with the peace of mind test, you are able to complete the test in your home with the utmost privacy. The court ordered test must be done in front of a third party. If a court ordered test is needed, then TestDiagnostics will give you the necessary documentation and a notarized letter to be used in your legal case.

TestDiagnostics only hires trained and competent employees to test the DNA samples that we receive. These...
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