Test Case: Add/Edit Incident Notifications

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Test Case: Add/Edit Incident Notifications
This Test Case covers a section of the Add/Edit Incident Actions and Enforcements Use Case 1.1Purpose
The Incident Notifications function presents the user with a screen and applicable function to add or edit an incident notification in the OHMIT database for an incident record in OHMIT. 1.2Scope

1.3Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

2.1User has internet connectivity.
2.2User is properly logged into the FLORIDADEP domain.
2.3User is properly logged into OHMIT.
2.4OHMIT database is loaded with the data setup scripts for testing.

3.Requirements Under Test:
3.1Supplemental Specification #1: Help Screens shall have "Close" button only. 3.2Supplemental Specification #2: All required fields will be noted with a red asterisks (*). 3.3SRS #1: OHMIT shall allow for the creation of an Incident record when a record has not been previously located in the OHMIT database.

4.Standards Used:
4.1All screen names are in BOLD
4.2All data to be entered is in italics
4.3System messages are in "quotes"

5.Test Scenarios
5.1Add Incident Notification – Test Required Fields.

Test Step #Test StepExpected Result
1Click on the Notifications button from the Incident MenuNotification Screen appears with all existing data populated – all should be blank 2Click the Save buttonTransaction is submitted to the web server. System displays the Notifications screen and presents system message: "Notifications successfully saved" on the first line of the input screen with user's data located in the data fields. 3Validate all data fields on the screen match input data from Add Incident Notification process above.Data fields on display screen match data entered – all should be blank 5.2Add Incident Notification.

Test Step #Test StepExpected Result
1Click on the Notifications button from the Incident MenuNotification Screen appears with...
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