Test Bank For Services Marketing 7E

Topics: Customer service, Service system / Pages: 10 (1962 words) / Published: Jun 23rd, 2015
Chapter 1
New Perspectives on Marketing in the Service Economy


Multiple Choice Questions

1. For-profit firms seek to achieve ____________ profits subject to ____________ constraints, although not-for-profit service suppliers seek to achieve ____________ profits subject to ____________ constraints.
a. social; financial; financial; social
b. social; financial; social; financial
c. financial; transactional; social; regulatory
d. financial; social; social; financial
e. transactional; social; limited; transactional
(d; Moderate; p. 5)

2. The acronym for the new North American classification system that includes services is ____________.
(b; Moderate; p. 8)

3. Service markets are shaped by all of the following except ____________.
a. government policies
b. social changes
c. global economic change
d. business trends
e. advances in information technology
(c; Easy; p. 10)

4. A useful way to distinguish between goods and services is to place them on a continuum from ____________ to ____________.
a. practical; impractical
b. tangible-dominant; intangible-dominant
c. low; high
d. reliable; unreliable
e. prepared; unprepared
(b; Easy; p. 14)

5. Firms’ market offerings are divided into ____________ and ____________ elements.
a. core product; supplementary service
b. marketing; management
c. product; delivery
d. service; delivery
e. planning; delivery
(a; Moderate; p. 15)

6. Customers being turned away or having to wait is an implication of which aspect of services?
a. People may be a part of the service experience.
b. Intangible elements usually dominate value creation.
c. Services are often difficult to visualize and understand.
d. Customers may be involved in co-production.
e. Most services cannot be inventoried.
(e; Easy; p. 17)

7. The three additional Ps of services marketing that extend the original four Ps of marketing are _____________, _____________, and _____________.
a. price; place;

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