Test Bank For Services Marketing 7E

Topics: Customer service, Service system, Customer Pages: 8 (1962 words) Published: June 23, 2015
Chapter 1
New Perspectives on Marketing in the Service Economy


Multiple Choice Questions

1. For-profit firms seek to achieve ____________ profits subject to ____________ constraints, although not-for-profit service suppliers seek to achieve ____________ profits subject to ____________ constraints. a. social; financial; financial; social

b. social; financial; social; financial
c. financial; transactional; social; regulatory
d. financial; social; social; financial
e. transactional; social; limited; transactional
(d; Moderate; p. 5)

2. The acronym for the new North American classification system that includes services is ____________. a. NAFTA
(b; Moderate; p. 8)

3. Service markets are shaped by all of the following except ____________. a. government policies
b. social changes
c. global economic change
d. business trends
e. advances in information technology
(c; Easy; p. 10)

4. A useful way to distinguish between goods and services is to place them on a continuum from ____________ to ____________. a. practical; impractical
b. tangible-dominant; intangible-dominant
c. low; high
d. reliable; unreliable
e. prepared; unprepared
(b; Easy; p. 14)

5. Firms’ market offerings are divided into ____________ and ____________ elements. a. core product; supplementary service
b. marketing; management
c. product; delivery
d. service; delivery
e. planning; delivery
(a; Moderate; p. 15)

6. Customers being turned away or having to wait is an implication of which aspect of services? a. People may be a part of the service experience.
b. Intangible elements usually dominate value creation.
c. Services are often difficult to visualize and understand. d. Customers may be involved in co-production.
e. Most services cannot be inventoried.
(e; Easy; p. 17)

7. The three additional Ps of services marketing that extend the original four Ps of marketing are _____________, _____________, and _____________. a. price; place; promotion
b. process; people; promotion
c. physical environment; process; people;
d. prosperity; process; promotion
e. physical environment; planning; process
(c; Moderate; p. 21)

8. Service employees should have which set of the following? a. Positive attitude, technical skills, and analytical skills. b. Positive attitude, leadership skills, and analytical skills. c. Technical skills, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills. d. Positive attitude, interpersonal skills, and technical skills. e. Technical skills, leadership skills, and analytical skills. (d; Moderate; p. 27)

9. What are the three management functions that are central to meeting the needs of service customers? a. Marketing, operations, and finance.
b. Marketing, operations, and human resources.
c. Marketing, finance, and accounting.
d. Marketing, finance, and operations.
e. Finance, accounting, and human resources.
(b; Moderate; p. 28)

10. Which one of the following is NOT one of the four broad categories of service? a. People processing
b. Possession processing
c. Mental stimulus processing
d. Information processing
e. Involvement processing
(e; Easy; p. 29)


11. Businesses are outsourcing fewer tasks in order to focus on their core business. (False; Easy; p. 4)

12. In most highly developed nations, services account for between two-thirds and three-fourths of the GDP. (True; Easy; p. 5)

13. Typically service jobs are not well-paid positions and require little education. (False; Easy; p. 7)

14. People processing, possession processing, mental stimulus processing, and information processing make up the four broad categories of services. (True; Easy; p16)

15. In most possession-processing services, the customer’s involvement is usually limited to dropping off the item that needs treatment, requesting the service, explaining the problem, and returning later to pick up the item and pay the...
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