Test and C-fat

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Q: What is C-FAT?
A: C-FAT is truncated for Corporate Bridge Financial Aptitude Test. It is an Online Test that Corporate Bridge Conducts across B-Schools all over India every year. Thousands of students from Top Colleges and B-Schools Worldwide participate in this Test. Based on performance in C-FAT, Top students are selected and certified by Corporate Bridge. Along with this, top candidates are also given scholarships in Corporate Bridge's coveted Live Project. Q: What is the Fee for the C-FAT exam?

A: There is NO COST for the Test. Any student from a B-School can appear for the test. Q: What kind of Aptitude Test is C-FAT?
A: C-FAT is Financial Aptitude Test consisting of 45 Multiple Choice Questions from different Finance topics (mentioned below) generally covered in B-School College curriculum during the 1st-2ndSemester. Q: What is the time Durations for C-FAT and how may time can I appear for it? A: The total time duration for the TEST is of 45 minutes. You can appear for the test during the time scheduled for your college. Once started the test automatically ends on the scheduled time. Participants will be given only one chance to appear for the test. The test is conducted to check your concepts in general Finance. Q: Do I have any breaks during the test?

A: No, you will not be given any breaks during the test.
Q: What are the Topics Covered in C-FAT?
A: To score well in C-FAT, participants need to be well versed with the following topics: Economics
Accounting & Valuations
Financial Theory
General Aptitude
The Questions asked in the above mentioned topics will be from curriculum of students which is covered in the 1st-2nd semesters of a B-School Curriculum. All the above mentioned topics are equally important. Q: How is the computer-based format for C-FAT different from the paper-based format? A: The format of the test is more or less the same except that a candidate reads a question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer,...
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