Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors
Attention Getter/ Thesis Statement:
Tesla's designs and ideas have changed the world. Most of our cars and trucks currently run on gasoline, and the shortage of fossil fuel is becoming a serious matter. The available alternatives are Electric, Hydrogen and Hybrid vehicles. Hybrid cars still emit carbon dioxide; Hydrogen cars produce pure water as waste, but technical problems need to be overcome. Moreover, hydrogen fuel cells use platinum for catalysts and supplies of platinum are limited. Tesla Motors believes that the electric automobiles are an ideal solution because zero emission is produced effectively during operation, no fuel is consumed while running, and the electric engine is much simpler comparing to hybrid, hydrogen and conventional cars.

1. Topic sentence:
Global warming is the most discussed issue around the world. Car manufacturers are contributing to help solve this problem, and Tesla, with the help of Lotus Cars, has invented a car without exhaust pipes. •No carbon dioxide

Help to stop climate changes
oSea level rise
Decrease pollutions
Improve health concerns
Limit diseases

The greenhouse effect is also caused by over burning of fossil fuels 2. Topic sentence:
Gasoline is the most commonly used fuel for transportation, and the earth’s fossil fuels are running out; Therefore, Tesla electric cars are more favored because they run on electricity from a charged battery. •Most energy efficient vehicle

Resources are renewable
Electricity is more available
No filling up a the gas station
Simple plug-ins for recharge
o245 miles per charge
oLess than 2 cents/mile

Unlike combustible engines, electric engines have less moving parts and are much cleaner to work with.

3. Topic sentence:
Electric motors are very mechanically simple comparing to internal combustion engines; In fact, Tesla Roadster has...
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