Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
1. Introduction Chapter4
2. Motivation4
3. Research question and Sub questions4
4. Interpretation4
5. Scope/Delimitation5
6. Methodology6
6.1 Project type6
6.2 Method7
6.3 Theories and models used7
6.4 Data collection10
6.5 Structure11
6.6 Critisium sources11
7. Analysis12
Part 112
7.1 Sub question 112
7.2 Sub question 217
Part 219
Tesla Financial19
Part 323
7.3 Sub question 323
7.4 Sub question 424
7.5 Sub question 526
7.6 Sub question 628
7.7 Sub question 732
7.8 Sub question 836
Part 438
7.9 Research question38
7.10 Surveys/Interviews42
8. Conclusion50
9. Perspective50
10. List of sources50
11. Appendices51
12. Project Plan53

Executive Summary

The relationship between the oil industry and the car industry is currently a very tight one and the analysts are predicting that in 15-20 years the oil resources will dry out, meaning that both the industries will fall. The project’s purpose is to see in which ways Tesla can increase their demand and analysis of the EV market and their portfolio. The research question represents a narrowing of the project’s purpose, a narrowing with the target locked on demand and market attractiveness. The first step in improving the company’s status is to make an internal analysis and see which are the production flaws and their core competencies. In order to see which is Tesla’s SBU and how it performs, a portfolio analysis is covering a presentation of the three car models that Tesla has. The external analysis starts with defining the market. This step will help us get the big picture regarding the market and where is our place in the current market. The environmental factors can also define the market we are competing in, so that’s why we integrated them in our agenda, next to the market description. The competitor analysis can be achieved through one single model, Porter’s 5 Forces. Through this, we are covering everything that is related to the market, presently speaking. The end of the whole market-line is represented by the customer and their buying behavior must be put through a filter in order to see how the demand will look from now on and how did it look years ago. All the models used are bringing out the positive and negative aspects of the company and in the end the negative ones deserve to be mentioned because it will be a start with the improvement, one’s end is another one’s beginning.

1. Introduction Chapter

To following introduction chaper, we specify to study about the Electric cars industry. Tesla Motor is the electric car company which presented in Denmark not so long time ago. There are challenges to deeply study internal and external in order to answer our research question and sub questions with marketing strategies models, financial analysis and statistics.

2. Motivation

The motivation is the reason why we chose to analyze Tesla Motors. We know that Tesla Motors are present in Denmark since July 1st, 2010 and not many people in Denmark know Tesla as a luxury electric car. Our project seeks to understand the Danish market behavior regarding the assumption that electric and luxury cars may represent the best replacement for the petrol-based cars by increase consumer demand 20% in 2015. The eco-friendly concept that Tesla promotes had a peculiar effect on our attention, making us eager to find out more about them. Also, getting information about Tesla means getting information about the future and this represents a big plus in our learning process. We also create a survey to asked 60 people who live in Denmark consist of 30 males and 30 female in difference status and income.

3. Research Question

“ How can...
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