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Topics: Education, Learning, Suggestopedia Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: July 16, 2013
* What is desuggestopedia ? Desuggestopedia is the opposite of suggest. To overcome some learning problem this method puts an importance on “desuggesting limitations to learning”. * The originator of desuggetopedia is Georgi Lozanov. Lozanov was a Bulgarian educator and a psychiatrist. Lozanov believed that learning was a matter of attitude, not aptitude. * Desuggestopedia is the application of the study of suggestion to pedagogy, has been developed to help students eliminate the feeling that they cannot be successful or the negative feeling towards studying, thus helping them overcome their barriers. 1.1 TECHNIQUES INVOVLED IN DESUGGESTOPEDIA

* Learning is facilitated in a cheerful environment. ( classroom set-up ) * Students can learn from what is present in the environment, even if their attention is not directed to it. (peripheral learning) * If students trust and respect their teacher’s authority, they will accept and retain information better. (teacher speaks confidently) * The students choose new identities. This gives a feeling of security and allows them to learn easily. * The teacher gives an impression that learning the target language will be easy and enjoyable. This enlightens the students and makes them to feel more open to learning the target language. ( positive suggestions ) * The dialogue the students learn contains language they can use immediately. ( role- play) 1.2 ADVANTAGES / STRENGTHS

* Learning environment is comfortable and the surroundings are cheerful. * Can stimulate student’s interest or curiosity to learn something new. * Potential to memorize.
* The emphasis on interaction indirectly building language skills together with self-esteem. * The treatments to student’s mistakes. Not much emphasis in the language but motivation to learn the target language better. 1.3 DISADVANTAGES / WEAKNESSES

* Lack of flexibility in...
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