Tesco Stakeholders Case Study

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2.1 Identifying stakeholder for decision making
The person how have invested in the business is known as the stakeholder. The person how have invested in the Tesco company then it is Tesco stakeholder. This per can be any one like it can be the creditor, debate, government, employee, any other company owner and owners or top level of a company. The person can affect the company because his some amount have been put in the Tesco. The stakeholder provides the financial helps to the company the stakeholders also affect the company. Some basic role of the stakeholder in making the decisive that are as follows:

Product development: It well helps in getting the information about the product. The feedback forms after providing the services then...

Then stockholder gives their perception through the productions and they have to give the idea. They can have the authority to say that they do not like the product reseat the product because stockholder provides the funds to the organisation. Then he has the rights to challenge the decisions of the company. The stockholder can the employee of the same company. The company have to be work with the stakeholders. If the company well not give the good services to the stakeholder then company well be not able to get more...

Personal networking is a group of caring, devoted people who promise to create a relationship with any other person in a sequence to support a given format of activities. Personal network refers some question to an individual and group like who knows about you? What do you know about any other person? It is a personal interaction with other person and another group. IT show the people network and tell about the quality of another person. All organisations refer personal network and human resource manager always cares about the relationship between two or more person. Personal networking is very necessary for the organisation. A person meets with others and provide self-information and get the information so there is a relation between both people. It relationship help to improve own skills and...
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