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Course:| MIS| Stage/year:| 2007-2011|
Subject:| Management Information System|
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Assignment Title:| IT and Competitive Advantage|
Date due:| 6th June, 2011| |
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Tesco’s Management Information System
By Sehrish Ayaz
BBA 8th Evening
The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur

Table of contents

Ref. no.| Contents| Page #|
1.| Introduction to Tesco| 5|
2.| How Tesco Operates? 2.1. Stock processing 2.2. Speeding Up Processing 2.3. Stock Control System and HOST 2.4. Electric Point of Sale 2.5. Management Information system| 556666-7| 2. | Technology Tesco Use| 8|

4.| Value Chain Analysis 4.1. Inbound Logistics 4.2. Operations Management 4.3. Outbound Logistics 4.4. Marketing & sales 4.5. Services| 899910| 4. | Tesco Support Activities 5.6. Company Infrastructure 5.7. Human Resource Management 5.8. Technology| 10101010| | Recommendations | 11|

| References| |

Executive Summary

This Research reports is to find out the Information System which Tesco is using and by which Tesco gains & still maintains Its Competitive advantage over other Food retailers. In this report brief introduction of Tesco is given, which includes information about its products & services. Tesco operates under 4 banners Express, Extra, Supermarket, Metro. The Company of Tesco has highest leading market Share of 30.6%. Tesco use different type of Information Systems for its operations, i.e. Batch System, Stock Processing System, and Management Information System. Tesco maintains its Competitive edge using Management Information System under Strategic Level, Tactical Level & operational Level. Tesco’s project Club Card is most efficient to maintain its competitive edge. In-depth analysis of Value Chain is also done by which it is analyzed how Tesco operates different operations.

1. Introduction to Tesco
Tesco, is one of the best well unknown grocery retailers in world, was founded by Jack Cohen in 1924. The First store was opened in Burnt Oak, Edgware in North West London in 1929. Tesco is operating around 4331 stores in 14 different countries employing over 470,000 people. The head office of Tesco is in Hertfordshire. Over 75 years of successful experience in retailing, Tesco operates in unique management style. Tesco is a unique store because it provides online retailing services by operating its sites, i.e., tesco.com. The company also provides broadband Internet connections. By Tesco Personal Finance (TPF), it also operates in financial services. Tesco has highest leading market share i.e., 30.6% comparing to all other stores in the market. In UK the Tesco Company is operating under 4 banners i.e. Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. The slogan of Tesco is “Every Little...

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