Tesco Fresh and Easy

Topics: Supermarket, Grocery store, Wal-Mart Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: February 3, 2010
I believe Tesco: “Fresh & Easy” Supermarkets will be successful. The Fresh & Easy name signals the two things it wants shoppers to think of it for: freshness and convenience (Horovitz, 2007). Tesco constantly re-enforces this message on the Fresh & Easy Homepage; people want fresh and healthy food choices; they want things to be easy, Tesco provided just that with its line of supermarkets. Tesco supermarkets found a niche that United States retailers had not focused on, convenient fast access to fresh, healthy cost affordable natural foods. It is something many Americans have waited years for. As well as being marketed as a Fresh & Easy supermarket, it is also marketed as an energy efficient organization which in this age of energy and resource conservation adds to its appeal. The supermarkets utilize efficient equipment in their stores and operations (Recruiting, 2007). Stores are designed to use 30% less energy than typical grocery stores its size, and recycling is a priority. Fresh & Easy has been a savior tenant for many developers, eating up 14,000 square foot chunks of old space and dark drug stores (Retail, 2009). Its entrance into the United States was the first time Tesco entered a country without a supercenter format. Tesco did not want to become like Wal-Mart. Tesco launched its United States Operations with a small format neighborhood grocery store under the Fresh & Easy name to differentiate its brand from its competitors. The supermarkets are relatively small, at about 10,000 square foot. Fresh & Easy stores target customers in low to middle income locations. Tesco is betting that there is a demand for smaller stores closer to home with fewer products, making it easier to find things. The stores are placed near public transportation. Many of them are near or inside underground and railway stations, making it easy for commuters to pop into a store and grab a meal on their way home. Their advertising campaign includes references to...

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