Topics: Tesco, Sime Darby, Problem solving Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Executive Summary
This report is pertaining to Tesco Stores (Malaysia) ethical issues. Ethical dilemma is one of the problems that many companies in the world will face including Tesco Malaysia. To write this audit ethical report and know the dilemma that face by Tesco, I carry out an investigation on Tesco in my country using environmental scanning method. In this report also I will be discussing on the following issues: 1) Two main ethical dilemma face by Tesco using environmental scanning method 2) The appropriate way to solve Tesco ethical dilemma

3) Best practices and values that can be use and recommended in Tesco for future In conclusion, after doing some research I found out there is many ethical dilemmas that face by Tesco and Tesco should take this dilemma seriously and solve it. By solving the dilemma Tesco can be one of the hypermarket that many customer will go and shop their groceries there. The best practice and value that state in the report can be use to help Tesco improvement and operate well in the future. 1.0 Company Background

Tesco Stores Malaysia Sdn.Bhd was open on 29 November 2001 as an alliance strategic between Tesco Plc UK and Sime Darby Berhad. Tesco Malaysia is officially open in February 2002 and the first hypermarket was in Selangor. Currently there are almost forty- six Tesco Store that operate in Malaysia. Tesco had launched its own brand in 2003, Tesco Value. Tesco also had take over Makro also a hypermarket and rebrand it to Tesco Extra. Besides launching its own brand Tesco Malaysia had introduce Green Club Points in 2007 for their customer Clubcard is also one way Tesco use to make customer loyal to them. Tesco also support the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprise) and small trades where Tesco bought their stock form them and sell it in Tesco (Tesco, 2012).

2.0 Two main ethical dilemma
Firstly for part one, I will be discussing about the main ethical dilemma face by the company I choose that is...
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