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Topics: Retailing, Management, Marketing Pages: 4 (985 words) Published: July 15, 2015
The TESCO mainly concentrates on the customer oriented retail marketing where the mainly focus on the customer services as the main theme. The make-buy-sell is the motto where the TESCO make the products, buying the products from the different retailers and thus sell them to the customers. They are mainly into the retailing business where the UK region is their domestic market setup holding a larger market share. It has a range of the products and the services for the right customers at the right time. It has provides a motto of better shopping trip among the customers and thus making a significant difference n their shopping structure when the customers enter the stores. Sainsbury:

The Sainsbury mainly concentrates on the development in the supermarket where the customer oriented operations takes place. The core activities of the Sainsbury are also similar to that of the Tesco where they mainly look upon on the activities of the fair prices with the competitive advantage in the UK regions. The Sainsbury is also been more concentrated on the development of the retailing and the collaboration with the different regions thus leading to the globalisation of the Sainsbury. Their core activity is mainly concerned on the development of the industry and the company to better levels and the scope of attaining a better market share. Functional areas at Tesco:

The Tesco mainly concentrates on the development of the stranger workforce and hence has a higher range of the business development in the work force and the human resource management. The human resource is considered as the asset to Tesco. The finance is the next functional areas of the Tesco whereby the definition of the cost, profit, cash flow, fund flows are discussed here and also all the financial related aspects are discussed here. The marketing and the sales department are those that mainly depend on the development of the product force by marketing on the products along with the sales of the...
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