Terry Fox Biography

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Born on July 28th 1958, Terrance Stanley Fox, famously known as Terry Fox, was brought into this world, to change our perspective on cancer. He lived happily with his mother Betty Fox, his father Rolland Fox, his two brothers, Darrell and Fred Fox and his sister Judith Fox. The Foxes were a close and strong family; they had experienced hardships, loss and tragedy. They weren’t a wealthy family, but they loved one another. Sometimes hard on each other they always pushed themselves to achieve the very best they could, to prove they could do what they wanted. Terry was never given anything without working hard to earn it. All of the six members of the family were very competitive, mostly Terry. He would always push himself to his limits and …show more content…
His goal was to give hope to others, like he had been given, when he was told that the advancement in cancer research gave him a better chance of survival. Terry was such an optimist that he believed we could find the cure for cancer, with time and most of all money. After his amputation, he was put in a clinic, were he would frequently see people who were suffering and dying because of cancer, which motivated him more rather than depressing him. He wanted to help others, because he felt the need to prove that it could be cured. Terry wanted to show everyone that your disability didn’t have to be a handicap.

Since he was told he had more chance of survival, with cancer research, Terry began to believe in this research. He devoted his entire life to give hope to others and show how we could beat this sickness. Terry basically based his life to help and bring change to the world. When he left for his run, he left behind him his whole family and friends and did everything in his power to raise as much money as he could. He gave up his life and gave it to cancer research. In fact, he wasn’t able to finish his marathon, because he got lung cancer and passed away on June 28th 1981.

“I don’t know why I dreamed what I did. It’s because I’m competitive. I like challenges. I don’t give up. That’s why. When I decided to do it, I knew I was going to go all out. There was no

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