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Professor Gooch
Professor Cady
March 21, 2013
MidTerm Essay
Exam Question: Relying on your reading and class discussion examine the role ideology plays in the development of terrorism and within this context why the current increase in religious terrorism is distinctive and perhaps more frightening than prior and current secular forms of terrorism?

Part I.
A political ideology is a “certain ethical set of ideas, principles, doctrines, myths or symbols of a social movement, or large group that explains how society should work, and offers some political and cultural blueprint for a certain social order”.1 This notion largely deals with the allocation of power and how that power should be used. The following are the two dimensions of political ideology: goals and methods as well as individual motivations and community supporters. The goal of this ideology is to find out how they feel the society should work or be arranged, and the methods that will efficiently promote this idea.2 Terrorists are constantly developing ways to get their point across to different nations. They want to find a unique and powerful way that will send the message to a mass amount of people. For example, the flying of the planes into the World Trade Center was an act of political ideology. They were sending a clear message to the American government to leave the middle east.

The second dimension of a political ideology includes the individual motivations and community supporters. Terrorists believe they have a right to commit acts of extreme violence because it is derived from the “wrongs” done to them by an unjust system. Over time the “cause” has changed and it has led to terrorists believing their acts of terror are perceived as initial injustices, as a “justified response”.3 This is the issue: a group commits an act of terror because it feels that the opposing government is unjust. Thus, they spark a feud between the two and the other retaliates....
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