Terrorisom (World Issues, Singapore Perspective)

Topics: Terrorism, September 11 attacks, Mass Rapid Transit Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: January 11, 2013

Explain why you have chosen this particular theme and issue
Terrorism have been around for centuries, from the first act carried out by Jewish Sicariis (dagger-killers in plural Latin) using political killings in an attempt to overthrow the Roman empire and cleanse their Holy Land by stabbing important figures in public to the earth-shaking event of 9/11 which took down the World Trade Centre and left a gap in the hearts of many Americans. Most terrorist carry out these horrifying acts in hope that they bring their message across or drive out a certain group of people whom they think have violated their territory.

Since young, terrorism has been an intriguing issue to me, hence the prompt choice of theme for this exploratory paper. It shows the extent a human being would go in order to execute their form of belief or to eliminate an individual or a group of religion whom they think pose a threat to their beliefs. Terrorist would go as far as going against nature by killing a fellow human being or even taking it as far as wiping out the lives of a group of innocent people with a bomb before taking their own life along with them, in the belief that there is a better world for them after they die. Numerous news of car bombings reported all around the world has numb the wakeup shock that its supposed bring to people. It’s no longer a surprising issue for the average person watching the news just as long as the event did not take place in his immediate vicinity. I hope that this essay will give a more in depth explanation to terrorism and also serve as a reminder to the Singaporean readers that terrorism is a force to be reckoned with and everybody should play their part by heeding to precautions provided by the government.

Why is it important for us to explore this issue?
A well placed homemade bomb or an explosion at a chemical plant could easily take the life of many innocent people. And with globalisation and technology increasing on an...

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