Terrorism with Its Global Impact

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Terrorism With Its Global Impact
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The term terrorism is not new. It is in practice
since the known recorded history of the world in
one way or the other. The terrorists hale this
nomenclature for themselves because they justify
their actions and strategy to fight against
oppression and injustice. The phrase “one man’s
terrorist is an other man’s freedom fighter” is
what the terrorists boast to accept. They
normally act upon their motto of violence, fear
and intimidation towards govt. or civil societies
in pursuit of their goals that are political,
religious or ideological.

The term terrorism was first coined by the French
Revolutionary governments by applying systematic
state terror against the population of France in
1790s, killing thousands of peoples.

The heart of every compatriot and Islam loving
person weeps when he is labeled as terrorist by
the so called civilized nations of the Europe.
Whatever claim and Quranic quotations we proffer
that we being Muslims are a peace loving nation
and our religion strongly teaches us to be peaceful
people not only to our brotherhoods but towards
the people of the other religions as well. And as
the past history proves we have been following
these injunctions of the Quran in letter and spirit.

Unfortunately the freedom struggle by the frustrated
elements of some of the countries including
Palestinian Arabs after the Arab Israel war in
1967, the war in Vietnam which created a sense of
reaction against the govt. of the USA, prevalent
war fare in Afghanistan as well as biased American
policy and illegal control in Iraq are some of the
major factors which have been termed as terrorism by
the western lobby with well planned propaganda.
As a mailer of fact the term of international
terrorism came up as a serious issue in 1960s and
unfortunately our previous rulers did nothing
practical to combat the specter of the
terrorism-rather it was beefed up either by
their vested interest or due to their novice
grip on good governance.

Now the main problem facing the whole world is
that will terrorism continue unabated looking at
the back history? The answer must be In positive,
as grass roots are various forms of political
violence in different countries for centuries.
After effects of both the world wars of 1920 and
1940 (first and second world wars). as well as
post war decolonization which prolonged through
1960s are considered to be the beginning of
terrorism. Besides, the biased American policies
and political behavior also created displeasure,
resentment and reaction by the aggrieved freedom
fighters irrespective of religion and nationhood,
the latest offshoot of which was the 9/11 tragedy.

The terrorism in its earlier stages i.e 1920s and
1940s was not that powerful and fast. With the
advancement of science and technology like easy
availability of weapons and explosives both via
open market or through the underworld, television
and communication devices as well as increasing
trend of air traveling are some of the major
causes of mushrooming of terrorist activities. In
this way the global terrorism has now become
institutionalized. But regrettably the prominent
European scholars are putting us on target. Recently
two Americas leading theorists on terrorism and
how to fight it are having controversial views in
the very nature of the threat.

Mr. Bruce Hoffman 53, George Town University
historian and author of his famous book “Insight
Terrorism (1998)” argues that the ‘Alquaeda’ is
alive and more dangerous than several years before.
He has boldly warned in his book that the
‘alquaeda’ has reconstituted in Pakistan.

On the other side Mr. Marc Sageman – a Polish born,
psychiatrist, sociologist, former CIA officer and
scholar with the New York police department in his
latest book ” The jihad” argues that...
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