Terrorism: Domestic or International Fight?

Topics: September 11 attacks, Terrorism, Al-Qaeda Pages: 4 (1490 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Terrorism: Domestic or International Fight?
Daniel Cortez
HIS 145
April 8, 2012
Professor Jennifer Moore

Terrorism: Domestic or International Fight?
Terrorism attacks are nothing new to the world. They have existed since the beginning of civilization, from a random attack of a different kingdom or country to random suicide bombings in the Middle East. A terrorist attack can be viewed from different perspectives, but Americans have changed their view on what a terrorist attack is and have even misconstrued that terrorists are solely Middle Eastern people. Ever since the catastrophic attack on U.S. soil on September 11, 2001, Americans have seen an increase of terrorist attacks targeting U.S. These attacks range from being committed on U.S. soil to foreign lands targeting U.S. troops, but Americans have not been the only targeted group. People often ask themselves questions that leave them wondering of the cause that they are getting attack for or a certain area is targeted for what reasons. Certain areas are targeted though, because of either a certain ethnic group lives there, they are somehow involved in that area or even just because of religious background. Religious conflicts have been occurring in the Middle East for centuries because of the multitude of religious views; there are Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all who worship the same god but extremists believe their ideals are better than others and feel a necessity to take action. Such example was the failed attempt to shoot an Israeli jetliner in Kenya (CNN, 2002). They were probably targeted because of Israel’s connection with the U.S. and accepting assistance from the U.S. There are a variety of terrorist groups, but the prominent one that has targeted Americans since 9/11 has been al-Qaeda. They were linked to the attempt to shoot down the airliner with shoulder-fired missiles. Al-Qaeda has also been linked to multiple terrorist attacks across the globe, attacking any group that supports...

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