Terrorism and United States

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Why is there heavier terrorism activity in certain areas of the world? * There are many hot zones or hostile areas in the world that are more likely to have more terrorist activity. These places are in ongoing battles between regimes, militias, and terrorist group toward the majority of innocent people. The Arab countries and Islamic countries have a heavier concentration of rivalry, higher hate crimes because of their history with their neighboring countries and invaders that are conquering in the region. Israel and Palestine are at war for more than a decade. * This particular feud is shown in the media from time to time due to special interest that United States has between both countries, therefore our involvement within the two countries have been monitored by the media. This is a prime example of how heavier terrorism can continue in one particular area. Another place is Afghanistan. Afghanistan has the Taliban oppressing their people and conducting daily violent crimes that terrorizes the Afghan people. Their oppressors are limited in areas of the country however; many specific areas are operated by this terrorist group therefore, the bombings and shootings do occur at a consistent rate. If United States military were not present, the entire country would fall victim to this heinous organization. Iraq has their fair share of terrorism as terrorist continue to destroy their communities. Bombings have continued over the past decade with no hope that terrorism will stop in their country. “The attacks killed at least 43 people in a half-dozen cities across the country, security officials said, from a Shiite pilgrimage site in the south to a disputed, ethnically diverse center of Iraq’s oil wealth in the north.” According to the New York Times. (nytimes, para 2). *

What do the sites of terrorist activities have in common?
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