Terror of Examinations

Topics: Competitive examination, Examination, Question Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Essay On The Terror of Examinations
Parents send their sons and daughters to schools and colleges to get education. Teachers work year in and year out to fulfill the task which society entrusts to them. Students are expected to study hard throughout the session. If no examinations were to be held periodically, neither teachers nor students would know the result of their efforts The. Besides this, examination present a goal before students so that they know the amount of work which must be put in within a definite period. Examinations inspire them. Their work becomes systematic and study is done in a well-planned manner. So the examination have a twofold function. First, they fix up a goal and thus direct the efforts of students and teachers towards its achievement. Secondly, examinations lay down before the parent and society an assessment of the progress of students. In this way examinations are necessary. Their place and importance in the educational system cannot be challenged. In spite of such importance of examinations, some people want them to be abolished. They feel that they are of no good and do positive harm to the cause of education. They encourage copying and the use of unfair means. The students form the habit of cheating. This is an extreme view. There are others, who consider examinations essential. They emphasize only their merits. But the truth lies between these two extremes. Let us first examine the merits of examinations. Examination is the time of demonstration. Students have to show the examiners that they know the answers to the questions set in the paper. They do so by expressing their ideas and feelings in the form of written answers. Those who have good power of expression are always gainers. To secure good marks one should be able to express oneself well. Now, to gain success students try to develop this power. Moreover, the nature of the present essay type examinations is such that, by itself, it develops this important aspect of...
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