Terror and propaganda were equally important in the enabling exercise over the German people

Topics: Germany, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: January 13, 2014
To start off Hitler used propaganda all the way from the start of his rise all the way till he was in power and had started a war. All his speeches, marches, banners, articles, books, broadcasts all the way to the hosting of the Olympics were all propaganda. This was what built the support for the Nazis, this gave them the opportunity to get into the government, without propaganda the Nazis would have never gotten into power, as Hitler states in his book, that’s why he decided to get into government the legal way, by gaining the support and vote of the people, and that was not terrors job. Hitler’s speeches were by far the most important propaganda, before Hitler joined and started to give people scapegoats like the Jews and communists for the loss of the war, for the treaty, for all the economic devastation. The German people really needed someone to blame, and that’s what turned their attention to Hitler. Then came the books, articles grabbing the attention of those more sophisticated or more educated in the German public. But that was the propaganda before the Nazi’s had most power, as the Nazis became the leaders, as Hitler became the chancellor. The marches started to get bigger and bigger, making the Nazis seem much more powerful than they actually are, not only within Germany but also to all opposing nations, as Hitler looked more powerful he was allowed to get away with more and more, slowly allowing him to rip up the treaty of Versailles. Getting the other nations fear starting a war because of how powerful he looked gained Hitler massive amounts of support within Germany as the people saw Hitler actually doing what he promised the people. He was ripping up the treaty of Versailles and giving people bread and work as the posters promised. Then came the Olympics showing the superiority of Germany above all the other nations, from the high end lighting and equipment to the strength of the superior Arian race winning the most medals, showing both the...
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