Territorial Prison

Topics: Prison, Life imprisonment, Murder Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 3, 2014
 Territorial prison is not like others it has loads of history in it. It's said to be one of the most haunted places in Arizona. However it reflects the time, place of how life was in the 1900's to now. Going strong for thirty-three years until ending in 1909. The life of the prisoners must've been hard to survive to with the heat, lack of food, and the patience to get the heck out of there! Locations depend on how the conditions are of the land or how much space is provided. The territorial Prison chose Hill Rd because of how isolated it was and it didn't seem like much was around there. Also the river was surrounding the location of the prison,so the inmates really didn't have any where to go. Another fact that I found strange was this historical figure actually was constructed based on plans developed as a contest. Rather then pay for a professional artchitect. The contest was held to create a plan for the prison. So that included the location of the prison. Haven't you always wondered what some of the prisoners did and who they were? Well let me inform you on some. The first was Buckskin Frank Leslie, he got prisoned for murdering someone and was sentenced to life in prison. Another trouble maker was Felicano Gomez ,who was put in for two years and a $200,000 fine for selling liquor to and Indian. Now one of the most famous criminal was Pearl Hart. She was put into jail with her sidekick Joe Boot. They robbed the Globe to Florence stage couch. She became a huge media sensation around the entire country, but was sentenced to five years in prison. Pearl Hart may have been the most famous one, but by far the creepiest one was Elena Estrada. She was sentenced for seven years for manslaughter! She stabbed her unfaithful lover then cut open his chest and pulled out his heart and threw it at his face. What a disgrace! However what I evaluated during this research was that some of the information I actually needed wasn't there. I literally had to go to the end...
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