Territorial Expansion Dbq Chart

Topics: United States, Andrew Jackson, Henry David Thoreau Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Territorial Expansion DBQ Chart – FINAL EXAM

Doc:| What it says:| What it means:| Outside Info:| How it will be used:| A| -Federalists argue that the Constitution does not touch on territorial expansion at all.-The issue therefore, should not be touched onit will just stir the pot unnecessarily-If issue is dealt with, a war (standing army) will undoubtedly come about.-Since treaty is unconstitutional, territorial expansion is unconstitutional.-Acquiring land requires an army because Louisiana territory borders Spain.-If the country continues to grow, the Eastern states will not be important anymore.| -PEOPLE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM TERRITORIAL EXPANSION.-Talking about the subject will bring up unwanted feelings between the pro & anti–expansionists.-Federalists are strongly against the idea of territorial expansion. -TERRITORIAL EXPANSION= huge hassle that requires getting involved with other countries and their land. | - Death of Federalist Party-Hartford Convention| Against| B| -Majority of voters above the Maryland, Virginia line voted negative on the declaration of war. - Majority of voters below the Maryland, Virginia line voted affirmative on the declaration of war.-All those in the west voted affirmative in the declaration of war.| - Most of those in the South and West voted for going to war with Great Britain while those North voted against going to war. Those who supported going to war usually were in support of territorial expansion.| -Madison’s Declaration of War in 1812-War Hawks| For| C| -The Cherokee had existed 200 years after Europeans came to America. They resisted white efforts to aid them, and have done so successfully. They have stayed at the same intellectual level, and are at a scientific and social standstill. The Indians are essentially too stubborn to realize they are holding themselves back.| -This shows American attitudes towards Native Americans. They saw the assimilation into white society as an improvement on...
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