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Is TerraPass a fad, fashion, or style? Before someone can really answer that question they need to know what TerraPass is and what it does. According to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, TerraPass is a social enterprise that provides carbon offsetting products to individuals and businesses. TerraPass uses proceeds from member purchases to fund greenhouse gas reduction projects such as wind farms and methane digesters.

So now you might be wondering what a carbon offset is. A carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions, the principle cause of global warming. When you purchase a carbon offset from TerraPass, you purchase three types of projects: clean energy produced by wind power; farm power such as dairy farm methane digesters; and a landfill methane capture. All TerraPass projects meet the highest quality standards; independent verification, ongoing monitoring, and reductions that take place in the present year.

TerraPass members come from all 50 states and from countries around the globe. They are united in their desire to take responsibility for their carbon emissions and to take positive action on global warming. Within its first year, TerraPass registered over 2,400 members, reduced 36 million pounds of CO2, and earned countless national press and blog articles. So far to date, they have sold over 150,000 TerraPasses, resulting in the reduction of over 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

So how does TerraPass work?
Your car emits carbon dioxide as a byproduct of its internal combustion engine burning the fossil-fuel derived gasoline or diesel. •You enroll in TerraPass, at the level determined by how efficient you car of choice happen to be. •Your money gets pooled with other TerraPass members’, and finances projects that reduce industrial CO2 emissions. Once used those credits are retired. •Your TerraPass purchase is third-party certified to eliminate the equivalent of your car’s...

Cited: http://www.sustainablestyle.org/sas/05/terrapass.html
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