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Assignment on: Critically assess how marketing department adds value to the FedEx

Table of content page No.
1. Introduction 3 2. FedEx Marketing synopsis 3 3. FedEx in Bangladesh 3

4. Area basis marketing In Bangladesh 3-2
5. SWOT Analysis4
6. Marketing Plan5
7. Marketing strategy 5
8. Market targeting and positioning 5
9. Marketing Mix6
10. FedEx Goods (product)6-8
i. FedEx International Priority
ii. Fast Reliable Service Worldwide.
iii. FedEx International Priority Freight
iv. Delivery commitment
v. Delivery option
vi. IPF offers priority delivery to US locations
vii. Money-back-Guarantee (MBG)
viii. FedEx Modern Aid
11. FedEx Charges (Price)8
12. Position (Place)9
13. Promotion9
14. FedEx Value-added-services10-11
15. Marketing Planning Analysis and Limitations (Bangladesh)11 16. Conclusion12
17. Bibliography 13

FedEx is the largest express transportation co. in the world, Frederick W. Smith is the founder of this company and began operation in April 1973. Now a day Federal Express Corporation served in 220 countries. Directly served in 50 countries and rest of those are licensee of Federal Express Corporation is called GSP (Global Service Partner). It has 650 aircraft of its own and supply chain management. In early 1998, Federal Express overnight package delivery business was the undisputed leader. Through the acquisition of Calibre System Inc with $2.4 billion leading provider of transportation management solutions and a new holding company, the formation of on-time delivery and FedEx Corporation. His delivery of the parcel, in this process, the group companies, FedEx solidify a market share of 43%. Position. FedEx step up that lacked accuracy, competitors and customers (e.g., UPS, DHL) FedEx [along] relies today, a weak effectiveness of the business model, FedEx strategic behavior to other Companies, some of which were more loyal customers .FedEx, depending on the speed and reliability of FedEx skill value, they are carefully created. The company is called supply chain management, production and stock of product release trout, finis. Increase effectively, to manage the supply chain to reduce the unpredictability of return FedEx Marketing synopsis:

It is a symbol of the quality of the speed of the FedEx brand, service, and reliability. FedEx is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The focus is on the promotion and protection of one of the FedEx brand, the most important asset of our particular. I in addition to traditional print and broadcast advertising; we promote the FedEx brand through corporate sponsorship and events FedEx in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh expresses Co. Ltd.( Licensed of Federal Express Corporation), employees over 300 staff and has provided express transportation services in Bangladesh for over 22 years under the rules and guidance of it’s mother company Federal Express Corporation Ltd (FedEx), it’s called Global service partnership (GSP).It’s operates a network of 20 service centers, including 12 in Dhaka (capital city) and Chittagong (commercial capital City). Bangladesh Express provides 24- hour service to its customers through its Gulshan Service Center. Area basis marketing In Bangladesh:

FedEx has branch office in Dhaka excluding corporate office, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet and Comilla. In Dhaka city there are five zones: Dhaka (East, west, North and...

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