Topics: Management, Strategic management, Switzerland Pages: 15 (3176 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Submitted To:
Silvia Akter
Lecturer, Department of Business Administration East West University.

Submitted By:
Business Force
slrno.| Students name| Students ID|
1| A.S.M. Habibur Rahman| 2011-1-10-368|
2| Mahamudul Mojid Mim| 2010-3-13-048|
3| Farhan Kasmi| 2011-1-10-175|
4| Farisa Sarvah| 2011-1-10-279|
5| Tanvir Islam| 2011-1-10-247|
6| Rubayat Jahan Shishir| 2011-1-10-399|

Submission Date: 10 April, 2012.

Term paper on Management Function Analysis for............


All praises and thanks are to the gracious Creator for giving us strength, patience and ability to accomplish this work.

We are grateful to some particular persons who have helped and encouraged us at each & every step. Regarding the outcome of this work, we would like to express gratitude, profound thankfulness, deep appreciation and indebtedness to our respectable teacher Silvia Akter, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University for his massive support, supervision, guidance and co-operation. Special thanks to Mr. Galib Bin Mohammed and Md. Ashik for their cordial support coordination to accomplish this term paper. Our thanks also go to the composers of various articles & papers that we have gone through.

For preparing this report we have tried our best to avoid mistakes, yet if there were any mistake in our report than we wish all would overlook these mistakes

Letter of Transmittal

April 10, 2012

Silvia Akter
Lecturer, Department of Business Administration
East West University

Sub: Submission of term paper on Nestle

Dear Mam

We are glad to submit our term paper on Marketing Strategy of Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. For this term paper primary data we are collected from the Brand managers of Nestle Bangladesh Ltd and secondary data we got from Text book, Trade Journal, Newspaper, Magazines, Website and Group discussion. We tried our best to pick up the true information for this term paper. If there any mistake please excuses us.

We hope that you will accept our term paper on Nestle.

Sincerely Yours

Habibur Rahman

Mahamudul Mojid

Farham Kasmi

Fasisa Sarvah

Tanvir Islam
Rubayat Jahan


| Executive summary| 06|

| Methodology & Limitation.| 07|

| Company background| 08|

| Concept of Management function| 10|

| Planning| 11|

| Organizing| 14|

| Leading & Directing| 19|

| Controlling| 22|

| Reference | 24|


We followed two types of data collection method. Primary Data Collection
* Visit to Nestle Bangladesh Head office
* Personal Interview with Brand Manager
Secondary data collection
* Text book
* Trade Journal, Newspaper, Magazines & Website
* Group discussion


Because of the usual huge commitments NESTLE officials were very busy. Therefore taking interviews with the managers and collection of other information regarding employees were very difficult. For better understanding of Nestlé’s management policy certain information regarding the wage policy, promotion policy, career program etc were required. But those information are treated as organization secret by the organization. So those information could not be collected. However after strong persuasion some relevant information could be collected. Besides, maximum information used in this report is collected from Nestlé’s brochures and web pages available in internet. But again the information available in organization’s brochures were very brief and lacked depth in contents.

Company Background

Henri Nestlé,
scientist and businessman,
founded Nestlé over
135 years ago.
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