Term Paper on Sadakalo Fashion House

Topics: Brand, Customer service, New product development Pages: 11 (2694 words) Published: August 24, 2013
This report has been prepared as a requirement of the Case studies program. We are very glad for getting the opportunity to accomplish my practical training in the Sadakalo organization at Ghulshan . Our case studies is commencing from June 11, 2013 to July 30, 2013. Actually this report is a practical requirement of BBA Case studies Program in the MARKETING DEPARTMENT under Business Studies Faculties in the East West University . The report will definitely increase the knowledge of other students to know the clothing industry of Bangladesh, and the various clothing sadakalo is providing to sustain as leading local brand in Bangladesh.

This local clothing market in Bangladesh and the role of their for growth of national trade related businesses in Bangladesh. The objective of study is to gather practical knowledge regarding over all clothing organization and its operations. Theoretical classes of BBA provide us theories regarding different subjects where as practical training gives us the chances to view those systems and their operations. The principal intent of this report is to analyze the trends modern clothing and their customer’s behavior. More precisely we can identify the objective of this report as follows:

* To observe the customers and their satisfaction towards the products and services of Sadakalo. * To observe the customers reaction towards the new product development of Sadakalo. * To understand the different product and to describe how Sadakalo provides these product. * To understand the other alternative customer about their product. * To provide the recommendation for improvement of these product.

3. Significance of the study
With the global slowdown in the face of rising competition, the customers faced with an increasing array of financial products and services and expecting more from providers in terms of customize offerings, value, ease of access and personalized services. As a result, retaining customers and minimizing shake are both major concern for financial service institution. At present, Sadakalo is operating in the country with huge number of stall .But now there are many competitors . This might not cause a great deal of loosing profit of the Sadakalo however it is a matter of Organization reputation. Through this study it is expected that a clear idea of the customers of SK will be identified. Therefore, this study tries to give some suggestion of improving the product , services offered by the organized based on the reason behind closing attitude of the customer and comparative analysis with other brands to reinstate their valuable customers.

We have used convenience sampling method to collect data and information for the project. For achieving the specific objective of this study, data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources.

* Direct conversation with the respective officers of the brand. * Face to face conversation with the clients.
* Customer’s opinion collected through Questionnaire.
* Observation of the organization activities.


* Various records of the brand.
* Website of Sada Kalo.
* Different newsletters of SK.

Several drawbacks appeared at the time of preparing the report and hindered the total work process:

* Due to some policies of the brand We couldn’t collect the organizational hierarchy to show the organizational decisions flow. * As, We had more dependence on the primary sources, so there might be some level of inaccuracy with those collected information. Though, adequate verification and cross- checking was used, to minimize the error level. * Next, many of the analysis on the obtained data are based upon my sole interpretation. This in result might bring some biases, as lack of knowledge and depth of...
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