Term Paper on ‘Signature Whisky’

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Term Paper on ‘Signature Whisky’

The term paper on ‘Signature Whisky’ presents information regarding the brand Signature Whisky , its history, development, success story and how it repositioned itself in the market to gain the brand equity. The brand is associated with some of the premium lifestyle events of the country like McDowell Signature Indian Derby, racing event in the country, IPL Signature Fashion Tour and various other events in the country. All this has resulted into a great brand equity established by the brand which in turn has resulted into huge chunk of market share in the existing premium quality whiskies in India. The paper investigates these various initiatives and their impact on the consumers.

In India ,drinking has remained a bad word, clubbed with other vices .Though this is the only mark which continues to grow at an impressive rate even against an economic recession. The drinking of scotch whisky was introduced in India during the 19th century during the period of British Raj has been continuing its grip in the world market. This is something which is becoming a fashion and which was once considered a bad thing is now having its presence in almost all the houses. •The various uses of drinking as perceived by the masses are:- •Pleasure

Standard of living
Health Purpose
Release stress
Life of a whisky is 12 years or above and the unit price ranges from 110 Rs to around 1000 Rs (per quarter) The Certification required for liquor are
ISO 9001:2000 for Quality Management System
14001:2004 for Environment Management System
HACCP for food safety
Talking in terms of whisky they can be divided into different kinds viz Malt Whisky and Grain whisky the premium segment Whisky’s in India are:- •McDowell’s Single Malt Whisky
Antiquity Blue
Antiquity Rare
McDowell’s Signature
Blender’s pride
Royal Challenge
Out of these premium segment whisky’s one which is identified as one of the best whisky is McDowell’s Signature which comes from the house of United Spirits. United Spirits Limited (USL) is the largest Alcohol company in the world by volume and the Rs. 9103 crores spirits arm of the UB Group. USL was earlier McDowell and Company Limited. USL is headquartered in Bangalore with a global footprint and has 7500 employees across various locations. USL has a portfolio of more than 140 brands, of which 22 are millionaire brands and has over 84 manufacturing and bottling units at locations across the country. Signature Whisky is made from exquisite aged whiskies from the Islay and Highland regions of Scotland combined perfectly with the finest aged Indian malts. Since its launch in India the whisky has established itself as a pioneer brand and has repositioned itself as the refined premium whisky in India. It has won Gold at the International Whisky competition, Chicago 2010, a silver and best in class at the International Wine and Sports competition and a bronze at the Concurs Mondial De Bruxelles and apart from these the brand has also won various accolades for its distinct taste. The brand has an aspirational and exclusive imagery and is young , vibrant , modern , stylish brand. It provides a premium lifestyle experience that reflects a customer’s bold individuality, success and his taste. Signature is always associated with almost every lifestyle event occurring in the country. It is associated with the McDowell Signature Indian Derby ( the premium racing event in the country), the most hyped and talked about IPL Nights , the annual Fashion Tour and various other events in the country. Clearly the brand has established a unique identity of its own. The Success Story of the brand

The whisky didn’t have the top notch position from the very start. Prior to 2001 the brand had the status of super premium whisky but after finding out that the drink lacked the effervescence required to be categorized in the super premium...
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