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BUS - 3501 Management Principles, Term Paper
Joseph Halisky
13 April 2015
Col. T. Stauffacher

This course, in its entirety, taught the lessons of Henri Fayol’s Management Principles and Stauffacher’s Leadership Context and Principles. While there were many other topics covered throughout, each could be directly correlated to these main ideas which were presented week one. Of these principles, there were certain which stood apart from the rest in importance based upon my personal experiences and the intended path that lies ahead.

Though I have few true life experiences if compared to someone who has led a full life and is nearing the end of theirs, I believe my experiences in life will outweigh those of many of my peers. At a mere 21 years of life I have lived on two continents and traveled to more. I’ve been involved in organized sports and honors society. I have been a guest at a 6 year old’s birthday party and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which celebrated 60 years on the throne. The list goes on and on, but at the end it will still throw the same punchline. I have seen and lived around these principles which were presented in class and have not, until now, realized it.

One of the primary of Fayol’s Principles presented was Discipline. Any well-organized and well-managed business knows discipline. Not only is it necessary to have proper discipline in a business setting, but it is just as pertinent for personal life as well. In a business setting, it is important to respect authority and be well-disciplined in the workplace. Having the defined rules and regulations set in place along with proper measures to ensure personal accountability will smooth out the rough edges, so to speak. Having a predefined standard in place means your subordinates will know exactly what it will take to accomplish goals in a time-effective, legal, and ethical manner. In my personal life, I have seen the value of discipline in different capacities. One example was in middle and high school when I used to play soccer. At the beginning of the season, we as a team were told what was expected of us at each practice and each game. We were expected to be at practice on time and ready to go when practice started. Not showing up at that time, but already stretched, warmed up and ready to begin. This often required arriving 10 to 15 minutes early to warm up and stretch. Teammates who were not ready to begin practice at the predetermined time were additionally forced to watch the rest of the team run laps until they were ready. I have also seen discipline at work in the home as a result of having two US Army Officers for parents. Both households, while run differently are structured and each member has responsibilities and requirements (i.e. chores, general cleaning up after yourself).When not followed, certain rights were taken away for a period of time(i.e. grounding) These examples demonstrate quite effectively and diversely why discipline is important in any setting and why it is important to have in place consequences for lack the times discipline will break down temporarily.

Another of Fayol’s principles that I find to be quite an important key to successfully managing people is Authority and Responsibility. As the one in charge, the success or failure of your projects or your business ultimately falls upon your shoulders. That being said, it is often more advantageous to allow those working under you the responsibility of lesser tasks. With that responsibility comes authority, when passing someone the reigns of responsibility it is imperative they also get the authority to accomplish that task. The system is realized as the following happens; when authority is exerted, responsibility is conceived. An example of this I’ve experienced in my own life takes place regularly in my fraternity. When we hold special events such as fundraisers or social gatherings, the responsibility to organize and plan said event falls to the...
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