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George Eliot is known as an exceptional writer now and of her time. George Eliot is not what most people think of her, when they hear the name George Eliot; most think that she is a he but the case is that George Eliot used the name as a pen name, because back in her time female writers were not even common or thought of really. George Eliot was born to Robert Evans and Christiana Pearson Evans. George Eliot’s father was a carpenter but later got a better job as an estate agent for Arbury estate in Warwickshire. Mr. Evans also had two older children from a previous relationship. Eliot’s mother was just a stay at home mom. Eliot’s mother was the daughter of a yeoman farmer. It is told that there are traces of Robert Evans in the character of “Adam Bede,” and f Mrs. Evans in “Mrs. Poyser,” but the characterizations are not photographic. Childhood

George Eliot was born Mary Anne Evans on November 22, 1819. George Eliot was born at Arbury Farm in Warwickshire, England, on the edge of the Forrest of Arden. She was the youngest of three. When she was a few months old, the family moved to Griff, a 'cheerful red-brick, ivory-covered house', and there Eliot spent 21 years of his life among people that he later depicted in her novels. Eliot was real close to her brother Issac. In 1824-35 she was first educated at a local dame school, then at boarding schools in Attenborough, Nuneaton and Coventry. In 1832 she witnesses the election riot caused by the first reform Bill. In school teachers would describe her as a queer, three-cornered, awkward girl, who sat in corners and shyly watched her elders. Mary Anne grew close to teacher Maria Lewis. Lewis identified the young woman's gifts and took her under her wing. The two remained close friends for years, corresponding long after Mary Anne had completed her studies. She learned piano, and spoke French. She finally left school at age sixteen. In 1836 Eliot’s mother died she was nineteen years old. All her brothers...
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