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Business Modelling For Enhanced Communication
Business Modelling is the use of models and methods to understand and change the organisations. The goal is to reduce the communication gap between different types of people or groups that can be either business, social or personal. This has been presented in the following ways:- * Different level development

* Exploring different viewpoints.
* Describing different aspects.
This is a method to research and present the different perspective about a particular field. This is used to help to capture, understand and visualise the business logic of the company that will be used by stakeholders to understand and to communicate. Different models help the managers to communicate and share their understanding to the outside world. With the help of this capability personnel related to a company is able to present their ideas with people from different backgrounds.

Organisation Changes and their understanding

* As the businesses are being integrated with different information and support system, a new type of business opportunities has been created. Because of this, there has been a reinforced competitive edge in the market place. * Now a day, quality and delivery about a product has gained much importance in the business world. This has provided a great zeal to achieve enhanced customer support. * On the other hand, this has also provided a great pressure on the functionality and flexibility of the different system operating in a business. * Thus, understanding and changing, related to an organisation, place to crucial skills so as to succeed in this competitive world by enhancing the skills of an organisations will be equipped to survive in this competitive world. To acquire these skills people working with the organisations are to explore and research new situations and opportunities. For this, structuring and sense-making are very much important areas for the research. This should include working towards the goals by influencing others to accept the new changes and to improve accordingly. As we all know that, an organisation consists of different people and groups which leads to the development of business activities as a separate process which results in limited or no organisation coordination. Sometimes this also leads to unnecessary duplication of work and also contradictory prerequisites and assumptions. Another major problem that arises due to lack of communication is that it creates an environment for frustration.

Bridging the communication gap using different models and methods To bridge the communication gap different methods and models are used which has become the main objective of business modelling as this has proved effective tool for classifying communication between different people. * Models and Methods:-

* MODEL: - It actually describes or represents the description of an organisation and its support. In this, the main goal is to understand the change parallel. In these two variations of business models are used. • “Is”:- describes the current situation.

• “Should”:- describes the future situations and tailing changes. (G.Nilsson, 01-Jan-1999)
* METHOD:-This describes about an approach to understand the changes in the organisation. This also provides a systematic way of looking towards the change in process and gives recommendations for effectiveness and efficiency. * Large number of different models and methods are used. This method apart from developing is used for exploring.

Development of different levels
Now, in today’s world, we require different methods and approaches for development work. Among these many share vital and crucial role towards the flow of the organisations. Example: - Total quality management, business process re-engineering and process management. These three approaches mainlyfocus on lower andmiddle level management. The following methods works for the 3 levels...

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