Term Paper About Computer Organization

Topics: Computer, Central processing unit, CPU cache Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: August 6, 2013
1. Prove or disprove: It is possible to have a computer with no processor. * Answer: Disapprove, because without a processor, the BIOS can’t verify itself, access and test the memory, or initialize the system buses (like the video).  Notice you don’t get a UI for the configuration until almost the end of the POST routine. So, you’ll have to install the processor, memory, and video card before you will be able to access the BIOS. Or a motherboard without a CPU is like a body without a brain. 2. What is the importance of Registers in the CPU?

* Answer: In each register performs a specific function. Example of register. Memory Address Register (MAR). This register holds the address of memory where CPU wants to read or write data. Second type of register is Memory Buffer Register (MBR). This register holds the contents of data or instruction read from, or written in memory. In other words you can say that this register is used to store data/instruction coming from the memory or going to the memory. 3. Did Alan Turing in collaboration with Vonn Neuman change the original architecture of the latter in order to make computer flexible? Relate it in complete detail. * Answer: Yes, Alan Turing and Vonn Neuman successfully change the original architecture in order to make computer flexible. According to them computer flexibility is defined as the ability of any major unit to be connected by a data path to any other major unit within a digital computer. Consequently, in the most flexible computer architecture, every major component, such as memory units, registers, and arithmetic and logic units, is connected to every other major component. A measure of computer flexibility is determined from a directed graph and matrix representation of the computer's data structure. As an example of its application, a method is described whereby computer flexibility information along with performance and cost information is shown to be useful either for improving...
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