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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc395399003 \h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc395399004 \h 3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc395399005 \h 4Research methodology PAGEREF _Toc395399006 \h 8Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc395399007 \h 9Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc395399008 \h 10Result of the Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc395399009 \h 11Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc395399010 \h 16Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc395399011 \h 16References: PAGEREF _Toc395399012 \h 17

Executive SummaryThis research is aimed to discover different perceptions of citizens towards the local banks of Bangladesh. For this purpose we have selected customers who have bank accounts in any of the locals such as Dutch Bangla Bank, Brac Bank, Prime Bank, City Bank, Dhaka Bank, NCC Bank, Bank Asia, Trust Bank, Pubali Bank and Southeast Bank. Keeping in mind the purpose of the research, a survey has been carried out to know what people perceive about the activities and services of local bank. We make a survey of 50 respondents for our research. In our research we have highlighted the findings and provide possible recommendation regarding this. In these mentioned sections background of our research have been focused. Next section includes Literature Review where concepts related with our research topic and research outcomes and findings by different researchers and scholars have been presented. The following section of our report is Hypothesis, where a model along with some variables of our study has been introduced in order to test the hypothesis. This section also explores the reason for choosing the topic and then the Methodology is in the next part. The following section is Data Analysis where we try to measure the differences of perceptions by using one sample t test and multiple regression models related to our hypothesis. Then, we describe the outcomes which we get from this analysis. In the indispensable Findings & Analysis section the variables of our research based on survey outcome have been analyzed. The hypothesis has been tested in this part through underpinning our knowledge and fundamental concepts. A balanced critique of relevant facts along with vindicated decisions and arguments have been showed in this section. Finally findings from that analysis and result from it have been stated in this section. Afterwards we have given some Limitations while conducting research and have provided some possible recommendations which are included in the Recommendation section. We have concluded the report with the Conclusion part where we have commented and expressed our opinions based on the comprehensive analysis. IntroductionPeople regard banks as an organization which thrives to deliver people with capital and loans. The services of banks prevailed from ancient times, after the origin of money, a currency the world embraced to protect trade and commerce activities. The ranking of banks differ from the services they provide. The perception of banking services in Bangladesh highly depends on the criteria or service satisfaction the client receives from the bank. A height of importance, relating to the degree to which they are willing to protect the data, money and resources of the client is a significant benchmark for evaluating perception for banks. All over the world, the dimension of Banking has been rapidly changing due to deregulation, technological innovation and globalization. Bangladesh has an under developed banking sector but the banking system must keep pace with the global change. The local banks must compete among themselves as well with the foreign ones to stand out from the ordinary picture. Among all kinds of banks, local banks that are currently operating, are trying different strategies to transform the banking structure. To survive and thrive in such a competitive banking world, two important requirements are development of appropriate financial infrastructure by the Central bank and development of ‘professionalism’ in the sense...

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