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Topics: Vice President of the United States, Irony, American television actors Pages: 4 (1330 words) Published: September 8, 2013
It is through dialogue that each character is revealed in The Club. The dictionary defines dialogue as the communication between two or more people & the words spoken by characters in a play or story. However, it can also be defined as an exchange of opinions & ideas or a conversational element of a literary or dramatic work. Dialogue has many other functions. Dialogue is primarily used to pass information onto others. However, it is also used to persuade or entice others to action. Moreover, through dialogue, people are able to express their individuality & also their membership of a group or party. Furthermore, dialogue is also used to show moods & emotions in order to maintain good/bad relationships. It is through dialogue that language defines identity, power, gender differences and social class. These functions of dialogue can be seen n David Williamson’s The Club.

David Williamson uses dialogue which reveals different facets of each of the characters: Ted Parker, Danny Rowe, Laurie Holden, Jock Riley, Geoff Hayward & Gerry Cooper. Ted Parker is the clubs president. Ted previously owned a meat pie factory and is now/was a president of a football club. Through his previous employment, insecurity is shown as every other member of the committee has previously played football & played for the club. He has a passion for the club but is seen to fail at being the president. Furthermore, Ted abuses his power as the club’s president & also tries to be strong but is weak. Williamson uses irony, “Yes my aunt makes great scones, but it doesn’t mean she should run a cake factory” to emphasise Laurie’s error and simultaneously asserts Ted’s authority as the clubs president. Moreover, Williamson uses sarcasm, “This is lovely. Really delightful. A Strike threat” to emphasise that Laurie has already resigned and that he hasn’t been sacked and shows Ted’s authority as president taking control of all the situations. Furthermore, Williamson uses power/authority “…and if...
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