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FOUNDATION CHRP CL&D ASSESSMENT Recording, analysing and using HR information (3RAI) 3RAI_F203A_HR_June – Core Unit Assessment – Version 2 June 2011 Student name: SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA PASS/REFER COMMENTS

LO1: Understand what data needs to be collected to support HR practices 1.1 Explain why an organisation needs to Good explanation as to why organisations Pass collect and record HR data. need to collect and record HR data. 1.2 Identify the range of HR data that Clear identification of the type of data that organisations collect and how this Pass organisations collect which support HR supports HR practice. practice. LO2: Know how HR data should be recorded and stored 2.1 Describe different systems for recording Appropriate identification of the benefits of and storing HR data and the benefits of Pass store HR data. each. 2.2 Explain legal requirements relating to Good explanation of the Data Protection the recording, storage, and accessibility action, further enhancement could be Pass of HR data. achieved by providing more details on the Freedom of Information act. LO3: Be able to analyse HR data and present findings to inform decision-making 3.1 Analyse and interpret HR data. A good quality analysis and interpretation of Pass HR data. 3.2 Present findings in a clear, concise, and Clear and effective presentation of the data to meaningful manner to inform decisionenable informed decision making. Pass making within an organisation. A good and well written assignment with some very good analysis and interpretation of HR data.



Students should please note that the above Assessment Outcome for this Unit is provisional and is subject to Internal EHWLC verification (IV) and external CIPD Verification (EV). Tutor’s signature:

Tutor: Michelle Maunder

Date: 29/04/2012

10 April 2012 Recording, analysing and using HR information (3RAI) Trinity Mirror PLC is the largest newspaper publisher in Britain, consisting of around 10,000 employees. Trinity Mirror PLC are constantly aiming toward their strategic goal by implementing management across all relevant data collection regarding each employee and team. The organisation of this data is vital to ensure that any flaws within the data are managed correctly to ensure the consistency of success in the business. Recording/Managing Data It is essential for Trinity Mirror to manage it’s data due to two key reasons: Legalisation Compliance – Following the boundaries of the data protections act, all employee personal information must be held to support factors such as, right to work, (if visas are required etc) health records and health and safety inductions carried out when employees attend their first day of work. Supporting personnel administration & HR Strategies – Supporting the business objective and managers through efficient record keeping ensuring that all information is at hand to perform effective recruitment, assess levels of performance along with monitoring personnel files in case of any dismissal cases. Managing this administration ensures that employees receive the correct pay and benefits.

Comment [N1]: Good introduction.

Comment [N2]: Good.

Collection of HR Data Absence Monitoring – Our HR strategy is to support the strategy of the business, absence monitoring is one way of doing this. Managing this data is carried out on a monthly basis using the Bradford Factor in which employees with a score of above 100 are highlighted and sent to managers, identifying which employees need to be consulted with in order to determine the reason behind the absence. The reason needs to be pinpointed to ensure that the cost of the absence is minimised. Training Needs from PDRs – We strive to keep our Talent at a high level at Trinity Mirror PLC ensuring that all training needs are fulfilled as stated in the employee’s yearly PDR. This...

Bibliography: Information Data Commissioner Office (2010) - www.ico.gov.uk CIPD 2010 www.cipd.co.uk Absence Management Survey Report 2010
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