Topics: Police brutality, Police, Police officer Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Police misconduct is happening every day. Police officers like to abuse their power to get their way. Police brutality is a violation that occurs when a police officer acts with excessive force by using an amount of force toward a person that is not necessary. When a police officer uses excessive force against a civilian, it is considered a violation of a person's rights. The relationship between police brutality, police corruption, and police misconduct is the abuse of police authority. Police corruption is the misuse of police authority for their personal gain. For example, if a police makes a traffic stop and demands a civilian to pay money not go to jail that is police corruption. Forms of police corruption are receiving stolen goods, selling drugs, bribery and extortion. Police misconduct is when a police officer violates police department rules and regulations. Forms of police misconduct are excessive use of physical, discriminatory arrest, and physical or verbal harassment. Police misconduct, brutality, and corruption all deals with officers using their authority against civilians in a wrongly matter for their personal gain.

The recommendations I would make to decrease police corruption, brutality, and misconduct is educate officers on how they should follow the laws and treat the civilians around them. Provide classes for all officers letting them know what will happen if the laws are broken. All officers should have a sergeant riding with them at all times, to make sure rules and regulations are followed. In conclusion, police misconduct, brutality, and corruption are a violation of civilian’s right. They all have the same meaning in common, abuse of police authority. In my opinion, I think the law for police misconduct needs to be reevaluated for more improvement.
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