Terahertz Technology And Its Applications

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Terahertz Technology And Its Applications
1 Electronics and Communication Engineering, Gurgaon College of Engg. Gurgaon, INDIA 2 Electronics and Communication Engineering, I.E.T Alwar 301001 Rajasthan, INDIA 3 Electronics and Communication Engineering, Gurgaon College of Engg. Gurgaon, INDIA



In this paper we review the recent progress of terahertz (THz) technology and its applications in various fields such as THz sensing for bio, medical, medicine, security and others.

returning the favour by providing an extensive set of quality inspection tools, often superior to existing measurement methods.

2.1.1) Dispersion Quality control for Polymeric compounds:
Most technical plastics consist of a base polymer loaded with fine additive particles, which allow to custom tailor the functionality of the material. For example, the colour, the flammability or even the mechanical properties can be adjusted by com-pounding. However, in- or online monitoring of the dispersion quality achieved in such compounding processes is a challenging task. Here, THz technology can provide a valuable contribution.

KEYWORDS: - THz technology, THz spectroscopy, THz sciences.
The term ‘T-rays’ was coined in the early 1990’s by Bell Labs to describe the spectrum in the Terahertz range (1 THz = 1012). [1] The terahertz region of the spectrum lies on the border of where electronics and optics meet between the mm-wave and infrared bands (100 GHz-10 THz). THz wave could handle ultra broad band signals , have very large absorption due to water or water vapours and are transparent through many materials (e.g. plastics , papers, cloth and oil) that are opaque in visible and IR light. Many materials have a so called fingerprint spectrum in the spectrum range therefore terahertz wave are expected to be applied to ultrafast wireless communications, scanning systems of hazardous materials and assay devices for medical examinations. They are also...

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