Tent and Board Games

Topics: Tent, Camping, Campsite Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Mariana Ciurcina

My camping trip

My camping trip was a very bad experience. A friend's brother was planning to go to camping for a weekend, and they invited me. We were excited because we thought would be fun. First, we made a list of everything we would need, packed our suitcases and started our way. The weather was bad, but my friend's brother decided to go no matter what. First, the road was in a poor condition. It was so bad that I threw up twice! Second, the location where we were going to stay for 2 nights was terrible. I already felt bad enough due to the road, and when I saw the place, I realized that I wanted to go back home. Nevertheless, we decided to stay in front of a big tree and made a bonfire between the camping tents. My camping tent was on the left and the other one was next to us. After a while, everyone went to sleep. Third, I was attacked by a snake at midnight. I felt something crawling on me; I jumped up and started to scream. Everyone woke up and went to my camping tent to see what was happening. There was a snake inside my tent and creeping on me! I was so scared and no one knew what to do. My friend's brother killed the snake with a sharp stick. After that, I could not sleep anymore. The next day, we played board games, listened to music and walked across the forest. While we were walking, I saw an iguana at the top of a tree. Soon we came back to our place because it started to get dark. We talked for a few hours and went to sleep. Finally, to make things worse, it rained so badly that the camping tents came down. We spent the rest of the night under the tree. When the sun rose, we left the place to go back home. In conclusion, my camping trip was a disaster.
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