Tenochtitla The Great Temple Analysis

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There was a calling to the city of Tenochtitlan, the presence of the celestial levels grew stronger as you were drawn towards the center of the city. As I wandered closer I felt a connection with the skies, I knew that it was my calling to find a way to bridge the realms. I was only a loyal Aztec, a firm believer. I worshipped the power before me and believed that if anyone could break the walls amongst the realms then it would be the king. There were talks about the reconstruction of a great temple going around in the city, I grew interested and wanted to learn more. Thus came the continued construction of the Templo Mayor, the largest and most significant in sacred ceremonial precinct. It was a calling from the cosmos, there was no better way to worship the gods than to create a structure that would bring us closer to them in this axis mundi.
The city of
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This is where I came in, the building lacked the shrines before my team’s addition. The twin temple worshipped two deities, Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc, they were the sun god and rain deity. Huitzilopochtli and Coatepec took the north side, it represented Coatepec Hill where Coatlicue gave birth to Huitzilopochtli and where Coyolxauhqui was killed by her own brother. After her head was cut off, she was thrown to the bottom of the hill and was dismembered. At the base of the temple where the goddess had fallen, a sculpture can be found that represents the goddess’ downfall (The Great Temple). Conflict between brother and sister sets a tone of morality in the social aspects of civilization. The male was stronger and got to rise to the top near the heavens, while the female was defeated and stayed low on the platform (The Great Temple). The strong opposites of life and death is what makes this temple powerful, it was the highest form of

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