tennis match analysis
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Tennis match analysis

To begin with, in the women’s double match video, Williams’s team was more aggressive at the net than Sara’s. Apparently, Venus Williams was playing with very powerful serve and she could cover the court by using her long reaching technique. On the other hand, Sara and Roberta were playing with good cooperation. Obviously, they were playing with good tactics to win the game. Also Sara’s movement was very fast on the ground, I noticed she could return Williams’s fast serve very quickly. And Serena hit the ball by using backhand was also powerful and accurate. She was agility near the net. In addition, Serena and Venus both play a good volley to win the point, and I noticed that Serena hit the baseline, which is very difficult to hit back for rivals. When they in the back court, the ball position they aiming were focus on their opposite angles. In the men’s double match, the Bryan brother was more offensive on the court. And they have very powerful serve that in most cases could win the point. However, Mahesh and Leander were more aggressive around the net. They were good volley player since in most situations they win the points by take advantage of volley which make Bryan brother hard to reach the ball.
In general, both games went so fast that sometimes I didn’t notice they win the point. So I think that’s because most points they won were based on volleying. For example, Mahesh and Leander played good volley that they could hit the ball in advance. That they return the ball really fast so it’s hard to hit the balls during the game for Bryan brothers. And they like to hit the ball into the area where Bryan brother couldn’t reach. For example, using the opposite angle, make the ball go fast and then hit the ball soft with forehand. Basically, women’s and men’s were all aiming the opposite angle to serve and most points they won were based on excellent volleying. Also the powerful groundstroke is useful. For example, Serena’s backhand

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