Tennis Ball Bounces Research

Topics: Temperature, Water, Chemistry, Heat, Fahrenheit, Chemical reaction / Pages: 2 (402 words) / Published: Oct 5th, 2017
How does the temperature of a tennis ball affects the way it bounces ?

I chose this topic because it sounded interesting and i’ve been thinking to myself when someone plays a sport like tennis and depending on the weather and i wonder does depending on the weather does the weather affect your performance. Based on my research i figured out depending on the weather it will be harder for you to play because you don’t know how the ball will move differently because of the weather. The ball we will be focusing on is a tennis ball, the question i will be answering for you is how does the temperature of a tennis ball affect how long it bounces? The independent variable is that i want to make the temperature cold and hot. I am going to change the

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