Tennis and Badminton

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Badminton is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years in different forms.While most people are only interested in playing the game, to truly gain an appreciation for the game, you also need to learn badminton history.This will allow you to understand all of the details about the game, so that you will begin to love it even more.Badminton history shows the long history of this sport and it can give you a new hobby that you will love and enjoy for a long time to come. Badminton history began long, long ago in Egypt and Ancient Greece.It was actually derived from two different child’s games that were played during these times, battledore and shuttlecock.During the 19th century, badminton was played in India under the name, “Poona” and British Army Officers brought the game to England.The game was played at a party in 1873 at the Duke of Beaufort’s country estate in Badminton.The game began to be called badminton after this point. From this point, badminton spread all around the world, including to the United States, China, Canada, New Zealand, and more.The game evolved from the rules that it was played by in India to what you now play and enjoy.Men solely played the game at first, but over the years, women began to join the badminton craze and enjoy the game as well.Championships and tournaments have grown from this start to help make badminton a very popular game that is competitive and enjoyable.  

Several international competitions are played with all different levels of competition, including the Olympic level.  Badminton was added as a Summer Olympics sport in 1992, with the first competitive Olympic matches being held in Barcelona.  This helped to bring even more attention and popularity to the sport on every level, from junior to Olympic levels.  

Badminton history is long and varied, but this helps to give it the great popularity that it has today.  With its early roots in a child’s game, you can see how it can still be fun for both children and adults.  By learning more about badminton history, you can increase your love for the game and help to pass this love on to others.  Whether you are playing badminton as a hobby or want to make it your career, by learning badminton history, you can increase your appreciation and enjoyment of the game.  -------------------------------------------------

Essentially a racquet sport, the game of badminton involves two opposing players (in a singles game or two pairs of players (in a doubles game) hitting a shuttlecock with their respective racquets in a pre defined playing arena referred to as a court, which is divided into two halves by a net in between. Points are scored when the shuttlecock hits the ground, and that is when an ongoing rally between the players comes to an end. To explain, the idea is to keep hitting the shuttlecock back and forth, with each player on either side being allowed to hit the shuttlecock only once. It is the endeavor of the players to ensure that the shuttlecock does not strike the net while they are hitting it towards their opponent.     The game is largely an indoor sport, primarily because the flight of theshuttlecock is largely affected by wind. Therefore all professional badminton, including in the Olympics where it debuted in 1992, is played indoors. Amateur badminton players, especially those who play it just to keep themselves fit, or as a recreation, may nonetheless choose to play it outdoors.   The game traces its history to the English game of battledore...

References: Position of the shuttlecock and receiving player
A player does a forehand service, 2009, Philadelphia.
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