Tender Procedure

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1 Tele: 2618 7839 Government of India Ministry of Defence, Directorate General NCC, Logistic Directorate, (Pur Cell) West Block-IV, RK Puram, New Delhi-110 066.

Cost of Tender Set: Rs.100.00 Tender Enquiry No. 19199/Life Jacket Inflatable/NCC HQ/Lgs (Purchase Cell)/2008-2009 M/s ………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………….. Dear Sirs, On behalf of the President of India, tenders are invited for supply of stores as per the details given hereunder: I II III Time and Date of Receipt of Tender Time and Date of Opening of Tender Tender to remain Open for Acceptance till : 1100 Hrs on 31-03-2009 : 1130 Hrs on 31-03-2009 : 30-06-2009 A/C Unit Nos. Quantity 480

IV Sl. No. Description of stores/Specification/Drawing No. 01. Patt No. 4220-000002 LIFE JACKET INFLATABLE SPECIFICATION NO. NCD/3925 ISSUE – 1 SEP 2008

A. B. C.

Technical Bid Price / Commercial Bid INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS (a)

: :

As per Appendix ‘A’ attached. As per Appendix ‘B’ attached.

The tenders are to be submitted in two parts:(i) (ii) TECHNICAL Bid complete in all respects. PRICE Bid including commercial terms and conditions.

-2(b) Technical Bid in triplicate and Price Bid (one copy) are to be placed in two separate covers, each cover duly super scribed by Tender No., Name of the Firm, Tender Opening date indicating clearly Technical Bid or Price Bid respectively on the covers. These covers are to be kept further in a main cover duly indicating the Tender No., Name of the Firm and Tender Opening date and time. (c) The tendering firms will furnish Clause-by-Clause compliance statement of specification as given in the Technical Bid (Appendix -‘A’) bringing out clearly deviations from specification, if any, as per the format attached at Annexure-I of Appendix ‘A’.

Offers without compliance statement will be treated as incomplete and will be rejected. (d) Initially only the Technical Bid tenders will be opened on the scheduled date by the Board of Officers in the presence of representatives of the tendering firms. Firms are advised to send the name and other details of their reps at least seven days prior to the date of tender opening to obtain security clearance. (e) The Technical Bids will be evaluated and the Price Bid of only such firms whose offer are found technically acceptable will be opened at a later date, which will be notified to the concerned firms. The Price Bid will be opened in the presence of reps of firms by the Board of Officers. D. SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF TENDER REQUIREMENTS 1) Technical Tender to be submitted in Triplicate.

2) All technical specification including leaflets should be submitted alongwith parawise comments/compliance statement of the tender specifications. In case of deviations, the same should be indicated clearly. 3) 4) Enclose copy of test certificate carried out by the Competent Authority on the item. Give break up of cost indicating the profit of margin included in the cost.

5) In case of imported component, give details of FOB prices, Customs Duty paid, proforma invoice of the Foreign Manufacturer and the warranty given for such imported components. 6) 7) Furnish copy of the supply order, if any, placed on you by other organizations. PAYMENT The payment shall be made only in Indian Rupee.

-38) The conditions of the contract which will govern any contract made are contained in the Pamphlet GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR CONTRACTS CONCLUDED BY DIRECTORATE GENERAL NCC, NEW DELHI and the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender enquiry. 9) The tenderer will furnish an affidavit on a Rs. 100/- non-judicial stamp paper to the effect that the facts and figures given in their quotation are correct. 10) The tender form is attached and should be returned to us in triplicate duly completed in all respect in sealed cover by due date and timings specified above duly signed on each page. Number of Tender Enquiry and date of tender opening...
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