Tendency of Falling Into Unhealthy Diet

Topics: Nutrition, Healthy diet, Health Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 31, 2007
A nutritional expert once said, "Unhealthy diet habits are as bad for health as smoking cigarettes." Therefore, how harmful unhealthy diet habits are. However, what is an unhealthy diet? It is a diet that is high in fats, calories, and sodium and low in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It is not very difficult for us to realize what an unhealthy diet is. Still, many people do not take their diet seriously although some of them know the bad effects of unhealthy diets. In addition, more and more people fall into an unhealthy diet in our society nowadays because of the increase of fast food availability, the busy life, and the lack of nutritional knowledge. First, fast food is more and more available everywhere. Today, there are many eating places serving fast food such as restaurants, cafeterias, fast food stands by the streets or even coffee shops. Besides, fast food is also very convenient. We can order it easily by telephoning the cafeterias, and right after that, they will deliver it to your home. Moreover, fast food is very delicious. For example, fried chicken, potatoes and hamburgers are so tasty and enjoyable that they become many people's favourite food. Therefore, several people have a tendency of eating fast food although it has little nutritional value. Second, nowadays life is getting very busy. Many people have to work from eight to ten hours a day, so they do not have enough time to take their diet seriously. Therefore, some people only have two meals a day, and they often miss their breakfast, the most important meal in a day. Furthermore, after working all day, some people are very tired and have no time for cooking. Hence, they often go to fast food restaurants or order fast food to their homes for lunch and dinner to save time. In other words, the busy life makes a number of people tend to fall into unhealthy diet habits. Last of all, in addition to the busy life, many people also lack of nutritional knowledge. Some people only prefer to eat...
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