Ten Strategic Om Decision

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Project management Pages: 4 (1040 words) Published: March 17, 2013
1. Supply-chain management – It talks about the threshold questions such as “what is to be made” and “what is to be purchase.” In this case, buyer and seller relationship exists. Mutual trust and confidence are present between the seller and buyer which are vital for a transaction to be closed of successful. 2. Scheduling – it talks about feasible and efficient schedule of production such as proper allocation of time that is segregated from one activity to another. Proper management is the very big reason of business survival. In such a case, in production, an example, a “time table” must be developed for everything to be in placed such as the start and end of the production, the time of delivery of raw materials, delivery of finished goods to customers, and proper recording of transactions. 3. Inventories – These decisions can be optimized only when customer satisfaction, suppliers and human resources are to be considered. Enough and safety stocks must be developed to put the supplies or goods still available in case of imminent situation. 4. Maintenance – this decision must be made regarding desired levels of reliability and stability which are essentials in business survival nowadays. Reliability and stability is not only talking about in the production level but to information as well. 5. Location selection – facility’s location design for both manufacturing and service is really a big factor in determining the firm’s success. It talks about the strategic location which could lead the business more profitable from one place to another. If investigation is necessary, conduct a feasibility study to know if the location is feasible. 6. Layout design – material flows, personal levels, capacity needs, technology decisions, and inventory requirements influence layout. Layout design must attract thee customers, suppliers, creditors and other stakeholders which could be a window of your business to success. 7. Process...
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