Ten Incarnations of Vishnu

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Final Exam Questions
1. 10 incarnations of Vishnu
1) Matsya – The fish
a) Shatapatha Brahmana (900 BCE)
-Manu was brought water for ablutions (washing hands), when a fish came into his hands and said “care for me, and I will save you” - fish said : “ A flood will carry all these creatures and I will save you from it” -destruction of fish is great, as fish eat fish

-told Manu to keep him in a pot, and then a trench, and once he outgrew it, to put him in the ocean and for then he said , “I will be beyond destruction”. - fish grew into a “jhasa”, which grows the largest ( large fish of indefinite species) -told Manu to build a ship, and when the flood comes, use it to come to him ( once he enteres the ship, he will be saved by the fish) - Manu cared for it, and carried it down to the ocean , and the flood came the same ar fish said it would, so manu built ship and when flood had risen, he entered the ship -the fish swam upto him and he fastened the rope of the ship to the horn of the fish, and with that Manu sailed through the North Mountain0 said to fasten the ship to a tree, but don’t let the water cut you off, when you are on themountain, keep following it down -Manu followed this way, and so the slope of northern mountain is aka “Manu’s descent” - flood swept away all creatures except for Manu

Therefore, Manu is the 1st man, = pot, trench, ocean

b) MatsyaPurana(200-500CE)
-King named Manu who was from the kshatriya clan, pracied extensive ascetism and handed his kingdom over to his son – he practiced highest yoga in a solitary place in the Malaya mountain - after a million years, Brahma was very pleased with him and came to him to give him a boon - he asked for a boom that would be able to protect the multitude of beings, moving and still, when the dissolution takes place ; the soul agreed and disappeared which lead to a great rain of flowers that fell from the sky, sent by gods. - one day while he was performing in his hermitage, a “saphari fish” came into his hands along with the water -King was full of compassion, so he :

1)Vessel for a day and night and it transformed into size of 16 fingers (he cried save me save me!) 2) thre it into a jar and it grew to three hands during one night 3) threw it into a well, and it grew, and then vast lake, and kept shouting “save me save me” 4) threw it into the ganges, and then into the ocean

- it then pervaded the ocean and this scared Manu and frightened, Manu asked him if he was lord of demons or Vasudeva - it was lord Vishnu and told Manu that in a short time, the earth will be submerged in water with all the mountains, houses and trees - told Manu to place all people born of sweat, eggs and water to place them on a boat, and save them for they have no protector, and when your ship is struck by the winds that blow till the en dof the age, fasten the ship to the horn of this fish - at the end of the dissolution, he told him he would the Prajapati of the whole universe – at the beginning of the Krta Age, you will be the omniscient, firm king, overlord of the period of Manu, even worshipped by the Gods - told him there will be a drought upon the earth, that will last for 100 years , and food will be scarce and mistfortuen rife - 7 cruel rays will destroy those that are left and 7 times 7 rays will shoot hot coals - fire the submarine mare will be transformed at the end of the age and a poisonous fire will shoot from her contrated mouth out of hell - a fire will arise from the third eye from the forehad of Bhava, burning and agitating the triple universe, the sage. - the universe, the gods, the constellations will be destroyed – - the 7 clouds of doomsday – Whirlpool, Frightening –roar, Bucket, Fierce, Crane, Lightning-banner, and Blood red - these clouds born from the sweat of Agni will flood the earth, and the oceans will be stirred and will all come together and all of the 3 universes will be a single ocean - then he must take this “Boat of the Vedas” and place the...
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