Temptation Within Dante's Inferno

Topics: Francesca da Rimini, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: February 23, 2009
James Welsh Mr. Buchalter English 101 4 December 2008 Constant Temptation Francesca and Paolo’s sinful act whichbanished them to hell further depicts the presence of a Galahot. After becoming entranced by the tale of adultery between Lancelot and Guinevere, Francesca commits her own act of betrayal as she locks lips with her husband’s brother, Paolo. Once asked to explain herself, she blames it on “A Gallehault, that book and he who wrote it, too”. Refusing to take full responsibility for her actions, she notes that if it were not for the book or the author, the thought would have never crossed her mind to cheat on her husband. One could argue that Francesca simply lived in a time where marriages tended to bearranged, leaving her unhappy and looking for love elsewhere. This may be a valid stance, but the heinous event would have never occurred if not for the opportunity that the Galahot brought along. An innocent reading with her brother-in-law quickly turned to a reenactment of the text itself. Boccaccio’s novel, The Decameron, also adds evidence to the claim that a Galahot serves as a go-between for sinful thoughts. Giovanni even calls the Decameron Prince Galahot in the prologue of the book. The narrator in the introduction to the fourth day gives the reader logic that Boccaccio’s novel was scolded by the public for exposing so much sin. His stories never literally describe the acts of sin, but they merely lead the reader to think that the wrongdoing is taking place. It is very applicable to label The Decameron a Galahot itself, for it causes people to think in a way they normally would not. In many cases, people would re-enact the terrible thoughts they stewed up in their heads, which is why his work received criticism from so many. All in all, it would safe to say that his novel is one great big Galahot in disguise. Decameron 2.7 also reveals proof to the existence of a Galahot at hand. Peronella finds herself in a sticky situation as her husband...
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