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Temptation is the want of something but you may regret it or have guilt. You enjoy it at first but then you start thinking and you start to regret it and/or feel guilt about what you did. It can be from a legal thing like killing someone or a minor thing like eating tonight’s dinner. It is being attracted to something. You can turn down temptation if you think about something else like what is on TV right now, or just think about someone else. Even a kid is tempted to do things like talk in class or not do their homework. The first ever temptation if you are Christian is when Eve eats off of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. Therefore she gets a punishment all woman are under men, hurting when giving birth, and not living forever.

When someone is tempted to do something they have to put forth willpower. Temptation is the desire to do something as it is defined. “We humans are always tempted to do things we are not supposed to do.” said Randy A. he was trying to say that it is natural to feel temptation as a human being any living animal or something that lives has temptation. Like when a dog eats your food off of the table he knows he/she is not supposed to do that but he/she may not remember dogs have to be told constantly not to do things. Dogs are tempted to chase cats or squirrels or even fight but when you yell or snap the word “no” they will stop. But sometime temptation is good like temptation to clean or temptation to do something good. Like when someone has fallen you are tempted to help them up. But a bad thing is that you are also tempted to laugh before you ask if they are okay.

We as in humans are tempted all of the time for something like food if you are hungry and you see food but you know you’re not supposed to eat it you are tempted to eat the food. Some people are tempted to kill and some are crazy enough to do it. You shouldn’t let temptation take over your body, or you will do bad things and will have to do it. Think twice before...
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