Tempest Essay

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Emotion Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: April 5, 2013
How does Tennyson convey Loss of Love in the Poem?

‘Mariana’ written by Alfred Tennyson, is a poem contained with emotional disturbance and loneliness. Tennyson illustrates loss of love through despair throughout the poem. The build up of emotion in the poem makes the reader more aware of the loss love and exaggerates the heart loss in ‘Mariana’s’ life. Tennyson uses a range of techniques to unfold the emotion in his writing; pathetic fallacy is unravelled through the poem, which helps the reader reflect on her despair. An example is ‘gnarled bark’ this gives the impression that the trees are crackled and broken; all the life has been taken away. Tennyson adds a sense of decay and imprisonment into the poem; he talks about the poplar tree; ‘The shadow of the poplar fell upon her bed, across her brow’ This means that the shadow of the branches were shadowing through the window making an outline of a bar across her body whilst in bed, and symbolising the image of entrapment. During the poem Tennyson uses tones in his writing to make the readers reflect to his poems. He uses words such as ‘lonely, gloomy, clinking and flitting’ to add disturbance to the poem. This is call pathetic fallacy and it unravels throughout the poem as the emotion is gradually building up. This adds to the loss of love by using depressing words to show her sorrow. As the poem progresses he’s setting the image of the evening, this conveys darkness and ghostliness. He adapts the image of ghostliness later on by saying ‘old faces, old footsteps, old voices’ this technique is called parallel phrasing which envelopes the image of a haunted house in Marianas mind. This shows the fear she has in the environment around her, which makes the reader think her senses are confounded to her fears. The tone of the poem is moaning sound to it, but Tennyson contrasts the feeling with positive verbs like “sweet heaven” which is called a juxt position. This is the opposite of ‘blacken’d waters’. The...
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